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Catt Landa is a self-taught French painter and tattoo artist.

She was born in Palaiseau in 1981, of Portuguese and Caribbean origin, she grew up in Les Ulis.


Passionate about Art, she begins by reproducing the heroes of her childhood. At the age of 10 she learned to paint, but preferring direct contact with the support, she decided to develop her artistic capacities by working with pencils, pastels, charcoal and red chalk.


After a Scientific Bac, she studied medicine at the University of Orsay. She took drama lessons at the French-American school FACT in Paris, then English at the University Paris-Sorbonne, and finally returned to her first love, drawing…


Hyperrealism is the movement that touches her most, and in 2012 she takes up her brushes and studies the techniques of the masters of the Renaissance.

She exhibited her first paintings in France in February 2013 (Center Robert Hossein in Nozay) and sold almost all of her works on the opening day.

After several years of reflection on how to link her passions for tattooing, painting and history, her artistic approach became clearer.

Her idea is to highlight the history, life, actions of the subjects she paints, like a biography or pictorial dermobiography.

She adapts the books by the same process. Each painting represents a minimum of three months of work and research.


In 2018 she imagines a new concept of painting, painting food, monuments, objects, characters or animals, mixing realism, geometric shapes and translations in several languages, thus forming universal collections.

The CATT LANDA COLLECTION brand was born.

Portrait de Catt Landa


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